Be sure to give a listen to our new single, "Heartbroke" which is now playing on country stations. If you like it, give your local station a call and request they give it a spin. You, our friends and fans, is what this magical journey is all about! While you're here visit our store page to see our new and exciting C.D.'s and other merchandise.

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“If you’re looking for country music that reminds you of good love, bad love, beer, buddies, and Mom, check out Pat Waters.”
JB Cloud, Contributor, Best In Texas


“Pat Waters lives and breathes traditional Texas country music.”
Billy Joe Gabriel,




Heartbroke is climbing it's way to the Top of the Texas Charts and is currently sitting at #18.  Help us push it on up by calling your local station and requesting Heartbroke!



Are you ready for some AWESOME NEW MUSIC? The new album is almost ready!!!


Pat Waters honored to announce that he is now the Official Spokesman for GO TEXAN and he and the band Chainlink has been recognized as the Official band. Go Texan is a great organization that was started to promote products and services made and sold in our Great State of Texas.


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