"I had the privilege of promoting from the ground floor up two of the greatest acts in country music- George Strait and Garth Brooks. Those are big shoes to fill, but I think Pat Waters can step right in there!"
Joy Cotton, C & M Productions


"Texas Tears and Mexican Beer" is pure Texas Country....Pat Waters is a man destined for Texas and country music stardom....AWESOME!!!
Will Proffitt, Program director and morning host, KSWA Radio, Graham, Texas


"Pat Waters' Texas Tears and Mexican Beer" is what Texas music is all about. It was a no brainer for us to spin!"
Moose Morgan, Operations Manager, KSCH-FM KSCN-FM KALK-FM KIMP-AM, Sulphur Springs, TX


"Who needs the Kleenex when you have the Mexican Beer... what a song! Love the tune, makes you wanna head for the border.  Pass me the salt and lime senor!"
Helen Linley, KMKS, Bay City, TX 


"You should test the Waters. God bless Pat for helping to bring back the music you can dance to."
JB Cloud, Program Director, KBCY, Abilene, TX


"It's hard to believe Pat could follow up ‘Badly Bent’ so well, but he's DONE IT AGAIN! We love ‘Texas Tears and Mexican Beer’, great follow up that we love playing here on The Ox"

Pam Niblett, PD, KYOX 94.3 FM The Ox, Comanche, TX 


“I have been playing music all of my life and Pat Waters is one of the best country acts that I have ever seen!!  The Real Deal!!  It has been a total pleasure doing shows with Pat.” 
Randall Hall, former member of Lynryd Skynryd


“An entirely new spin on a ‘genuine’ country sound.  Pat’s delivery on the album is like that of his predecessors George Strait and Bob Wills.  Maybe the ‘Murder on Music Row’ was just a ‘Black Eye’.”
Kyle W. Jones, Stage Call Corporation


“What a talent, Pat is pure traditional country and very refreshing. He is as good as anybody that takes our stage.” 
Paul Beard, Bass Performance Hall, Ft. Worth, TX 


“In my opinion, Pat Waters could rank right up there with greats like Alan Jackson and George Strait if given the chance and promoted as much as other mainstream artists.”
Jennifer Webb, Contributor, About.com


“There’s always lots of talk about what constitutes “real” country, and much of it usually centers on lyric enunciation, lyric content and musical backing/production. But there’s also an attitude inherent in classic country music, a sense of honesty and integrity that comes across in a manner that people who really love the music immediately identify, and those who truly perform it embody in their work. That’s the case with every song on Pat Waters’ Right Where I Belong.”
Ron Wynn, Nashville City Paper


Heartbroke is climbing it's way to the Top of the Texas Charts and is currently sitting at #18.  Help us push it on up by calling your local station and requesting Heartbroke!



Are you ready for some AWESOME NEW MUSIC? The new album is almost ready!!!


Pat Waters honored to announce that he is now the Official Spokesman for GO TEXAN and he and the band Chainlink has been recognized as the Official band. Go Texan is a great organization that was started to promote products and services made and sold in our Great State of Texas.


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